Creativity Powers the Economy • Creativity Fuels Innovation

Creativity Drives Change • Creativity Secures the Future

The Opportunity Thinker, founded in 1994, is led by Lynda Curtin to help clients uncover powerful opportunities and to solve business-critical challenges; this usually requires a good dose of productive creative thinking. Lynda is an experienced de Bono Thinking Systems global practitioner. She is well qualified to apply a wide variety of time-tested creativity tools and processes.

Creativity is more than just generating ideas. You need to understand the context; sift through mountains of information to uncover what is relevant and helpful; hone in on ideas that seem to have practical value; know when during the process it's appropriate to identify all the problems and then solve them; understand the value proposition from multiple points of view; keep the process on focus; appreciate gut instinct; pull the trigger knowing most often the proof happens after an idea is implemented. 

Lynda Curtin Helps Executives and Professionals

  • Become skilled creative thinkers
  • Learn to lead business-critical meetings to deliver remarkable results
  • Look at tough challenges with fresh thinking and perspectives
  • Strengthen executive retreats
  • Lead effective brainstorming meetings
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration skills
  • Embed creativity tools in routine business processes

What are The Creative Challenges in Your Organization?

Book Lynda Curtin to:

  • Speak at your next event
  • Facilitate your business-critical meetings
  • Lead talent development Creativity Power-Sessions for your teams:
    • Focus on Facilitation: Advanced Facilitation Skills to Lead Meeting of the Minds Events
    • Lateral Thinking: A Creativity Process and Tools
    • Six Thinking Hats: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication
  • Coach your group

Lynda will work with you to design events focused on your business-critical challenges that need a good dose of creative thinking to resolve. Work on challenges that are confidential and skill-up your groups more quickly. Check out some of Lynda Curtin's client projects. Contact Lynda Curtin now to start the planning process and to secure the dates in her busy schedule.

Call Lynda now: 818-507-6055 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.