A talented creativity and innovation practice leader, Lynda's clients love being able to tap her wealth of experience, creative approach, and the insights she brings to their business events. You can see samples of client events here.

Always results oriented, Lynda has helped equip clients to

  1. Increase revenue by $300 million. Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats tools were applied. 
  2. Generate 44% of all the patents generated in a Fortune 50 company. Focus on Facilitation, Lateral Thinking, and Six Thinking Hats tools were applied. 
  3. Reduce meeting time from 30 days to 2 days. Six Thinking Hats tools were applied. 


Background Highlights

2018 celebrates 24 years in business.

First, a fun fact: Lynda shot her second hole-in-one on April 22, 2012; she shot her first hole-in-one on December 19, 2009; now Lynda's working on shooting her third hole-in-one. You'll enjoy reading her golf articles for creativity tips. This article is a favorite with clients.

Inducted into the Innovator's Club as recognition for her results-based work with clients.

Over 25 years of real-world practical business experience developing and launching new products. Her LIFT Your Thinking Inspirational PowerPoint CD is an example. Lynda is gifting you with your free copy here on her resources page.

Her product development services were retained by de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. to develop and commercialize an advanced facilitation workshop; the result--Focus on Facilitation: How to Lead Productive Thinking Together Meetings that Deliver Remarkable Results. Learn more here.

2013: Celebrated her 20th Anniversary as a Lateral Thinking Master Trainer by hosting an executive three-day masterclass in Los Angeles. You can host one too!

2012: Celebrated her 20th Anniversary as a Six Thinking Hats Master Trainer by hosting an executive two-day masterclass in Los Angeles. e-Learning isn't always the answer!

Elite Status: One of only ten certified program leaders in the de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. global network qualified to deliver the de Bono Suite of Productive Creativity and Innovation Thinking Tools: Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Focus on Facilitation for clients.

Creator of the Innovation Instinct and LIFT Your Thinking models and tools. Strengthen Your Innovation Instinct with Six Thinking Hats is one of Lynda's most requested presentations to kick off events.

Past President of the National Speakers Association's Los Angeles Chapter, Lynda has great platform skills.

 Lynda Curtin travels from Southern California and has worked with clients in Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States. Client testimonials are here.

Professional Background

Lynda spent the 1980's working in a demanding buying, marketing, and merchandising environment. She put her creativity to work every day working on product development, packaging design, merchandising, marketing, advertising, and forecasting across a broad range of consumer categories.

Her breadth of experience and ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders led to her promotion to product manager, Kenmore Major Appliances, an iconic North American brand. Lynda applied her expertise to help plan and deliver record breaking sales over $100 million along with record breaking profits.

Her track record for consistently delivering impressive business results led to her invitation to join an organization development (OD/HR) group. Her project was to develop and deliver a business skills curriculum for national managers, buyers, product managers, merchandiser managers, marketing managers, and quality management professionals.

During this assignment she also earned her certificate in Adult Education/Staff Training and Development from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology to help her develop the necessary skills and insights required for adult education. Lynda is uniquely qualified to blend business needs with learning needs.

Her Business Start-Up

In 1993 Lynda and her husband had an opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles from Toronto; they took the offer. Deciding she no longer wanted a career with a major corporation, Lynda completed market research to identify new business opportunities. The Opportunity Thinker launched in 1994.

Imagine what it was like starting a new business in 1994 in Los Angeles. Lynda had no network established in the United States. Los Angeles was in the midst of a recession with a huge downsizing in aerospace, a major business sector in Los Angeles, underway. It was a tough challenge. Yet, Lynda managed to kick-start a new company and has been working steadily ever since.

So, if you have business-critical challenges that need to be resolved, a healthy dose of creative thinking is likely required. Perhaps Lynda should become your go-to person. Who is your creativity coach?

Give her a call 818-507-6055 or send her an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore how she can help you strengthen your business results.