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Business Timeline 1994-2019

1994 The Opportunity Thinker Business Launch: To help clients strengthen their business results by deploying productive creative thinking tools and processes, a 21st Century business necessity. de Bono Thinking Systems methods are the tools most often applied: Six Thinking Hats | Lateral Thinking | Focus on Facilitation

An independant consultant and small business owner, Lynda has been working steadily since 1994.

First Client: Hughes Aircraft

International Experience: Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, United States

1992: Certified by de Bono in Six Thinking Hats 

1994: Certified by de Bono in Lateral Thinking during her business start-up

1995: Launched Lateral Thinking power sessions

1997: Recognized for her contribution helping the global distributor earn a spot on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list; the sales increase was 785%

1997: Raytheon launches Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking workshops 

1998: Standford Alumni Association invited Lynda to present Creative Thinking: Breaking New Ground for Creating Innovative Business Solutions. Her presentation was produced as a video and included in the Standford Executive Briefings catalogue.

1998: Nestle launches The Fundamentals of Creativity and Innovation workshops

1999: Southern California Edison launches Critical Thinking Skills incorporating Six Thinking Hats

2003: Inducted into the Innovator's Club for exceptional performance and innovative contributions to the application of de Bono Thinking Systems methods

2004: The Innovation Instinct concept and model launches

2004: Professional services--de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. retained Lynda Curtin to create, lead the product development, and commercialize a de Bono Advanced Facilitation course. Focus on Facilitation: How to Lead Productive Thinking Together Meetings that Deliver Remarkable Results was launched

2004: Completed a world tour launching Focus on Facilitation for de Bono Thinking Systems distributors. Led the train-the-trainer events

2006: Innovation Boot Camp Handbook launches. Written with David Markovitz of GMP Training Systems, Inc., David and Lynda's innovation program was included with the U.C. Irvine executive development curriculum focused on the next generation of leaders in the pharmaceutical industry

2006: HP launches three-day Lateral Thinking Innovation and two-day Six Thinking Hats Creativity Power-Sessions for workforce development

2006: de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. secures Lynda's editing services to update Lateral Thinking materials

2007: Joined the exclusive group of ten members worldwide qualified to lead events featuring the de Bono Suite of Productive Creativity and Innovation Thinking Tools: Lateral Thinking | Six Thinking Hats | Focus on Facilitation

2008: Johnson & Johnson launches four-day Focus on Facilitation Power-Sessions

2009: United States Patent and Trademark Office approve Trademark for The Opportunity Thinker

2009: JPL/NASA launches Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats Power-Sessions

2010: Power-Up Your Organization's Thinking conversation sparker cards launch

2010: JPL/NASA launches four-day Focus on Facilitation Power-Sessions as part of their Innovation Foundry team member orientation

2011: LIFT Your Thinking PowerPoint Inspirational CD launches

2012: The Six Thinking Hats® method celebrates 20 years as a business process for creative thinking, collaboration, and communication. Lynda celebrated by hosting an exclusive two-day Executive Deep Dive in Los Angeles.

2013: Launched a collection of "LIFT Your Thinking" creativity articles

2014: Lateral Thinking celebrates 20 years as a business tool kit for creative thinking. Lynda celebrated by hosting an exclusive three-day Executive Deep Dive in Los Angeles.

2014: The Opportunity Thinker celebrates 20 years in business and continues to help clients resolve their business-critical challenges by providing coaching, meeting facilitation, speaking, and power-sessions with an emphasis on strengthening business creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. 

2015: Working on a book: Meeting of the Minds: Facilitation Tips for Professionals

2017: Exploring legacy projects 

2018: Celebrating the 25th year in business by launching a facilitation coaching project with a favorite client. 

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