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Enjoy The Lynda Difference

Lynda Curtin certified Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking Instructor 

Lynda's Guiding Principles

Lynda always focuses on putting appropriate de Bono Thinking Systems method/s to work with clients on their business challenges. She connects the dots between tools and business applications. It's magic.

Deal with the principal: You'll always work directly with Lynda Curtin to plan for, prepare for, and lead your event. Her personalized service model has been working just fine since 1994. Clients value directly tapping her wealth of expertise.

Customized solution based events: Lynda never delivers "off-the-shelf" seminars. Instead, you'll work on resolving business-critical challenges of your choice. Customization requires far more preparation, expertise, curiosity, and creativity on Lynda's part. She could be facilitating a meeting for you, leading a power-session, or speaking at your event.

Respectful of your time and investment: You will have Lynda's undivided attention and concentration while she's working with you and your group. She will not be distracted by checking her phone for text, email, and voice messages.

Relaxed and ready: Lynda arrives at least a day ahead of time to be well rested and ready to work with your group. You'll appreciate this attention to client preparation. She flies home the day after she finishes working with your group. It's often the one-on-one discussions that take place after an event ends that is important for the group. Lynda will be there to ensure you capture that value.

Creativity is her specialty: Lynda has lots of relevant experience and tips to share that will accelerate how you use de Bono methods.

 Work with Lynda Curtin. Tap her wealth of expertise helping teams think through challenges more thoroughly and creatively. Call 818-507-6055 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.