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Curiosity Explores "Before I Die" Walls. Ideas Flow

Candy Change Before I Die Wall2 1024x682Creativity Tip: Curiosity Explores "Before I Die Walls." Ideas Flow

Photo by Kristina Kassem; San Francisco Before I Die wall

During a morning walk along El Paseo in Palm Desert, I noticed a young man wiping clean a huge blackboard installed on the side wall of Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery. I learned he was cleaning off the "Before I Die" wishes that filled the chalkboard making space for more wishes; it's public artwork that invites passers-by to share their dreams, wishes, and goals using the chalk supplied on the blackboard ledge. What a neat idea. 

My friend and I got busy talking about our "Before I Die" wishes as we wrote them up on the chalkboard, a very enjoyable conversation thinking about our future possibilities.

Later, I discovered "Before I Die" is a global phenomenon started by Cindy Chang. You can watch her beautiful TED talk here, filled with lovely lessons. I love this photo of the San Francisco Before I Die wall taken by Kristina Kassem.

This experience reinforced my belief that creativity is all around us all the time. I believe in creativity; creativity powers the economy, fuels innovation, drives change and secures the future. We just need to tune-in. Follow your curiosity. You never know where it will lead you.

My curiosity led me to think about how "Before I Die" walls could be used to help organizations reflect more deeply on their big challenges, encourage more diverse thinking, and get a far broader range of ideas to consider; these are real challenges for organizations.

My creativity tip for you: Make this public art installation idea work for your business. It invites passers-by to share their dreams, wishes and goals. Create "What if ... " installations in your workplace. Add a question along the top then step back, be patient, and watch for the meaningful conversations and diverse ideas start to flow. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Remember, creativity is there for the taking. Don't miss it!

LIFT your thinking ... until next time.

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