Breakthrough Innovations Can be the Way to Go If You're Skilled at Noticing the Opportunities: An Example from Facebook

Breakthrough Innovation: Adopting ideas that are accepted and implemented in other places.

One feature that I've enjoyed for many years on several corporate websites is their published timeline which documents the heritage, milestones, and progress of the company in chronological order. The Hartford has a great one--"The Hartford's History."  It's a great way to communicate quickly, clearly, and fairly thoroughly what the company is all about.

Fortune Magazine (March 19, 2012, issue) included a feature article, Inside Facebook. It contains an excellent example of launching a breakthrough innovation--"Facebook's most important recent new product: Timeline, which transforms users' profiles into a visually rich chronology."

This new product feature is a great example of a breakthrough innovation. Timeline has been shaped and tailored to fit Facebook and Facebook users. With innovative solutions you don't always have to start from scratch and go for revolutionary/radical innovations--the disruptive innovations that create new paradigms. Sometimes there are answers in other places. You just have to notice the opportunities and act on them. 


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