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About de Bono Thinking Systems

de Bono Suite

The de Bono Suite of Productive Creativity and Innovation Thinking Tools offers a set of flexible tools and processes to meet the needs of busy professionals working with diverse groups. Effective collaboration, communication, and creativity skills are a must. The three tool kits work well together to provide a strong foundation for professionals to lead challenging projects and change with confidence.

Power-up your groups' creativity. Work with Lynda Curtin to plan for and lead custom creativity power sessions designed to meet your pressing business needs. 

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Focus on Facilitation: Professionals responsible for leading innovation, ideation, strategy, problem solving, and brainstorming meetings will appreciate the intense, hands-on experience in this talent development power session. Effective use of this program's tools and processes lead to productive thinking together meetings that deliver remarkable results.

Results: Mary Kay Uhing of People Power led a YMCA Board strategic planning session that was so successful four CEO's approached her to do on-site work for them.

Six Thinking Hats: New project teams, including global teams, will quickly learn to work well together.  This practical method lays the foundation for effective collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Results: An IBM Fellow and chief scientist used Six Thinking Hats as a method to corral an unwieldy team of more than 200 of the brightest scientists. They were at eight different IBM labs, two government laboratories, and five university campuses. The project: Develop a chip that would mimic the human brain. The team successfully demonstrated a brain-inspired chip architecture. (Fortune Magazine, April 2014)

Lateral Thinking: Professionals responsible for developing new strategies, products, processes, systems, and solving tough problems will appreciate using these tools to break apart the status quo. Profitable new pathways to the future are revealed.

Results: At DuPont lateral thinking tools led to an employee's suggestion that eliminated nine steps in the Kevlar manufacturing process. The savings--$30 million.

Work with Lynda Curtin, one of only ten professionals in the de Bono Thinking Systems global network qualified to work with this suite of tools.

Contact Lynda now to discuss how you can strengthen your business results when you equip your professionals with these tools and processes.

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