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Leadership Coaching Services


Leadership Thinking Coaching Services

"Lynda and I have worked together to introduce de Bono's Six Hats, Lateral Thinking and Power of Perception to ABB (Finland & Australia). Through her coaching and guidance, she helped me to train over 300 individuals to be more creative."

-Alex D'Anci, Industry Practice Leader, Operational Excellence, ABB Finland

"Lynda, thank you so much for the fantastic feedback and suggestions on ways to apply lateral thinking tools.  We found your coaching to be extremely helpful, and your approach was just what we needed!  It was great to meet you, and I look forward to an ongoing partnership."

-Director of Marketing, Griffith Laboratories

Lynda applies her in-depth experience with de Bono Thinking Systems methods: over 25 years. Her expert coaching helps clients develop more confidence with the tools. Her style is supportive, friendly, and targeted to the specific needs of each individual. Each coaching client is challenged to strengthen their unique style. Book a meaningful coaching program with Lynda and leverage your investment in professional development training for your high potential performers.

Where do you need to dive deeper to develop professional competence?

•   Planning for, designing and leading productive thinking together meetings that deliver remarkable results

•    Knowing when to use creativity tools and using them with challenging groups

•    Setting up clear communication on complex issues

•    Subject matter expert (SME) training skills that engage group learning in a meaningful way

Coaching sessions can be arranged for groups or individuals. Lynda will work with you to plan and design coaching that will meet your objectives wrapped around your current business challenges.

If you have attended one of Lynda's power-sessions and need a refresher this is an excellent option to schedule at your next group event.

Lynda Curtin's Professional Competence Model:

Professional competency model by Lynda Curtin

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