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Customized Creativity Power Sessions

Creativity Power Sessions


“The creative process has had more impact, power, influence, and success than any other process in history.”--Robert Fritz

Three Key Reasons Why Creativity Power Sessions are a Business Necessity

  1. Creativity powers the economy. If you're weak with this skill set, you'll have a difficult time consistently meeting and exceeding business goals, not to mention customer needs and desires. 

  2. Creativity secures the future. IBM Global CEO Study: Creativity is the most crucial factor for future success. Creativity has become the new normal. Unfortunately, far too many leaders are still struggling with how to develop this skill set among their professionals. 

  3. Skilled creative thinking is a necessary step in most every business process:

        • Problem solving

        • Decision making

        • Project management

        • Strategic thinking

        • Quality improvement

        • Supply chain management

        • Communication

Unfortunately, creative thinking tools and robust creative thinking steps are often missing in these processes leaving the status quo protected.

Share this "Creativity Drives Change" brochure with your colleagues. PDF

Power-UP Your Creative Thinking Skills with Lynda Curtin's Customized Creativity Power Sessions

Each creativity power session is custom designed to meet the needs of each group. We will discuss your business challenges and hone in on your priorities. Lynda's creativity power sessions blend talent development with business application; your professionals learn proven tools and apply them right away to business challenges. This approach enables Lynda to provide meaningful coaching as groups work through business challenges.

Each creativity power session is hands-on, fast-paced, liberating, and hugely enjoyable. Depending upon your objectives your creativity power sessions could be wrapped around the following methods:

  • Lateral Thinking: A Creative Process and Creative Thinking Tools
  • Six Thinking Hats: Creativity • Collaboration • Communication
  • Focus on Facilitation: Advanced Facilitation Skills to Facilitate Meeting of the Minds Events

Tap Lynda's expertise. She shares over 20 years experience with the de Bono Suite of Productive Creative and Innovative Thinking Tools: Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats, Focus on Facilitation. She's done the research. She's seen the tools work remarkably well with widely diverse groups in business, government, and education sectors. They're used by professionals around the world because they work. Let's get started.

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 "By the end of this year we will have doubled our business since our creative thinking session with you Lynda, and we are 60% of the way to the goal. It's almost time to raise the bar!"

 -Dan Weare, National Business Manager