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de Bono for Schools Progams

Six Thinking Hats and CoRT Thinking Tools 

"Lynda, we had such a good de Bono Creativity Power Session with you.Thank you very much.  A testament to how well it went is a request by one of my colleagues to bring you back to do another session with our entire group (the ones you met, plus our younger generation junior officers). We were wondering when you could come back and do another session."

-CDR Keith H. Gordon, Technology Fellow, US Navy War College

Lynda's intention is to prepare a new generation of exceptional educators, administrators, and board members to become excellent lifelong thinkers with strong collaboration, communication, and creative thinking skills. These are key skill requirements for the 21st Century workforce.

Her programs feature relevant content, new workable ideas, and expert coaching designed to meet the specific needs of your group. The tools stand the test of time. They are proven, practical, and powerful when deployed.

Book Lynda Curtin to Present a High-Impact Thinking Skills Program at Your Next Event

  • Edward de Bono's CoRT Thinking. See the CoRT PowerPoint on SlideShare
  • Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity with Six Thinking Hats
  • Facilitation Skills for Administrators

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Education Events Lynda Curtin Can Conduct for You

  • Conference Presentations and Workshops
  • Education Summits
  • Education Retreats
  • Community Programs
  • Annual Events
  • In-Service Training

Lynda Curtin is Uniquely Qualified

Lynda was first certified by Dr. de Bono in the Six Thinking Hats method in 1992, the year he started certifying instructors worldwide. She has since traveled the world leading de Bono Thinking Systems workshops: Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, United States. Since 1994, she has worked steadily with clients in business, government, and education. Lynda is a perfect fit to lead your professional development events for your educators, administrators, and board members.  

Lynda is also a graduate of Adult Learning/Staff Training and Development, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. As a part-time faculty member, she taught Program Planning and Evaluation in this program.

Clients: ASQ, ASCD, UC Irvine, Vancouver Island University, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Stanford, Caltech, US Navy War College

Contact Lynda at 818-507-6055 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.