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Meeting Facilitation

LIFT Your Thinking Meeting Facilitation Service

Sometimes you need an outside facilitator who is not part of your team. A skilled facilitator helps groups become unstuck, to break their thinking logjams and move forward to design robust new solutions.

Work with Lynda Curtin to Plan for and to Lead Your...

  • New project teams
  • Global team meetings
  • Executive retreats
  • Advisory board meetings
  • Ideation/brainstorming meetings
  • Strategy team innovation meetings
  • Business-critical meetings

Lynda will work with you to design customized LIFT Your Thinking meetings focused on your business needs.

Success Tip: Set the stage for a wonderful meeting. Download Lynda's free Creativity Inspirations PowerPoint presentation and play it as people arrive and during breaks. It will spark lively conversations and prepare your attendees to give you their undivided attention during your meeting. It's filled with 50 of Lynda's favorite quotes and desert photos. You will find it on the home page under Lynda's photo graphs.

Start the planning process and secure dates in her busy schedule.

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How Focus on Facilitation and Meeting Facilitation Began

During 1992, Advanced Practical Thinking Training, Inc. (APTT) was launched to develop Dr. Edward de Bono's training materials, certify trainers, and develop distributor relationships. APTT was eventually re-branded as de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. to reflect better the business.

Clients around the world were training staff to apply Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking methods. This conversation kept surfacing from clients: "We have key professionals who need to facilitate a variety of business meetings as part of their job, but they aren't facilitators. We can see how these tools would be perfect helpers. How do we use these powerful tools to lead groundbreaking meetings? We need more in-depth training focused on the facilitation aspect of applying these methods."

To meet this client demand, during 2004 de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. retained the product development services of Lynda Curtin. She was a perfect choice; Lynda ranked as the number one performer in the group of 12 certified creativity facilitators worldwide trained by de Bono. Lynda's mandate was to develop and commercialize an advanced facilitation course. Focus on Facilitation is the result. If you have a tough meeting that needs breakthrough thinking with your group, perhaps Lynda is your go to professional facilitator.