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Focus on Facilitation: Advanced Facilitation Skills

Focus on Facilitation advanced skill building with Lynda Curtin

Focus on Facilitation: Advanced Skill Development Designed for Professionals to Lead Productive & Collaborative Thinking Together Meetings including Effective Brainstorming

Professionals don't have time to continue attending endless business-critical meetings that are a huge waste of time and money with no results. Successful business-critical meetings rely on excellent thinking from all members attending; this rarely happens.

One or two members hijack discussions. Some of the most knowledgeable attendees don't say anything.  These meetings most often are led by professionals who lack the skills and tools to lead thorough thinking discussions to explore challenges and design strong solutions. It's not their fault if they haven't been trained. You can fix that.

If this frustration describes what's happening during your important meetings, it's time to develop skilled professionals who can lead productive "thinking together" meetings that yield remarkable results.

Skilled Focus on Facilitation Facilitators Will ...

  • Lead a wide variety of business-critical meetings that unlock the unique thinking of each person attending to help design robust solutions
  • Use Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking tools in unique ways to get groups shifting from endless debate and argument to designing breakthrough solutions
  • Embrace their role in promoting effective leadership thinking among all meeting attendees
  • Surprise groups at how productive shorter meetings can be
  • Lead effective brainstorming meetings
  • Work with a variety of creative thinking tools and the creative process to help groups break new ground as necessary
  • Challenge the group to think bigger and better than they think they can
  • Put an end to same old, ho-hum, dead-end thinking
  • Invest the necessary time planning each meeting to ensure
    • Appropriate thinking agendas are prepared to lead a relevant group discussion
    • The focus is on target to meet the business need and the larger goal
    • Each person attending is engaged and is participating fully; their unique thinking is included leading to stronger solutions that are supported by all stakeholders
    • Decision making is clear
    • Problems are minimized
    • Consequences are considered short, medium and long-term
    • Information is relevant, unbiased and objective
    • Ideas are not shot down as soon as they are offered
    • Identifying value is comprehensive
    • Action planning is disciplined
    • The context is relevant and clear
    • The proper people attend

The Results are Outstanding!

Mary Kay Uhing of People Power led a YMCA board strategic planning session. It was so successful that four CEOs approached her to do on-site work.

Lynda Curtin led a client group through the creative process, helping them unlock ideas and dare to envision a new way. Once implemented, the region president called it 'phenomenal' and 'flawlessly executed.'

A trained facilitator led a two-and-a-half day meeting that successfully reduced the financial impacts of a long-term problem. This result was confirmed six months after the meeting. The internal client was quite impressed with the structured approach.

A trained facilitator developed a format for project review status report meetings held twice a month for the management team. Management described following the structured framework during these meetings as 'extremely helpful; we make timely decisions; this is not a drain on our time.'

A trained facilitator led a meeting with the goal of gaining agreement on long-term strategy and the guiding principles. The internal client was delighted with the result. They ended with agreement; the meeting was fun and progressed more quickly than expected.

A trained facilitator led a meeting for a director to develop a tool to improve the quality of strategic staffing for one of their organizations. The group had been working on this for quite awhile and had tried numerous other methods. The group was more accepting of this process than all the other processes they had tried. The tools worked well and improved the efficiency of the meeting.

Clients of Focus on Facilitation Offer High Praise

"The Focus on Facilitation training provided by Lynda was an amazing learning experience. I left the course feeling confident and empowered to use the tools immediately and facilitate great thinking meetings for my clients. I appreciated Lynda's teaching methods, the pace of delivery and 'learn by doing' approach, followed by authentic and supportive feedback. I highly recommend this course !" - Diane Lloyd, Results, Inc.

"Bringing Lynda Curtin in to facilitate a Focus on Facilitation program for us was a great investment!  Personally, I am much more confident in my facilitation skills after taking this course, and the feedback from other participants was fantastic.  Lynda is a master at using the various facilitation tools she shared with us; and she provided excellent coaching to each participant throughout the program that helped us to develop our skills over the 4-day period. Everyone agreed that the program was brilliant!" -Deb Connors, President Well-Advised Consulting, Inc.

Schedule Talent Development "Power Sessions" for Optimal Success

Develop teams of in-house facilitators skilled at facilitating the thinking that needs to take place in business-critical meetings; enable groups to design groundbreaking solutions that are supported.

Book Lynda Curtin to Lead Customized Focus on Facilitation Power Sessions

Lynda will work with you to design customized power-sessions to meet the specific needs of each group.

Focus on Facilitation talent development is helpful for professionals who need to lead thinking together meetings. They could work in R&D, product development, engineering, operations, sales, OD, or marketing. Professionals who want a disciplined process to lead ideation, brainstorming, concept development, creative problem solving, and business-critical meetings will also benefit.

How it works: Each power session is very intense and features many practices using tools of your choice on work challenges of your choice. Expert coaching from Lynda will expand your skills considerably. Groups are small; no more than eight.

Work with Lynda Curtin. Start the planning process and secure dates now in her busy schedule.

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How Focus on Facilitation Began

During 1992, Advanced Practical Thinking Training, Inc. (APTT) was launched to develop Dr. Edward de Bono's training materials, certify trainers, and develop distributor relationships. APTT was eventually rebranded as de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. to reflect the business better.

Clients around the world were training staff to apply de Bono's Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking methods. This conversation kept surfacing from clients: "We have key professionals who need to facilitate a variety of business meetings as part of their job, but they aren't facilitators. We can see how these tools would be perfect helpers. How do we use these powerful tools to lead groundbreaking meetings? We need more in-depth training focused on the facilitation aspect of applying these methods."

To meet this client demand, during 2004 de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. retained the product development services of Lynda Curtin. Her mandate was to develop and commercialize an advanced facilitation course. Focus on Facilitation is the result.

Book Lynda Curtin now and work with the resident experienced expert: 818-507-6055 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.