Lateral Thinking: Productive Brainstorming Tools

Lateral Thinking Provocation with Lynda Curtin


"Lynda, thank you so much for the fantastic feedback and suggestions on ways to apply lateral thinking tools.  We found your coaching to be extremely helpful, and your approach was just what we needed!  It was great to meet you, and I look forward to an ongoing partnership."

-Director of Marketing, Griffith Laboratories

Most professionals are skilled and comfortable with logical thinking, moving step by step towards the one correct solution to the problem. But, today's challenging business environment requires much more of busy professionals; professionals who are also skilled with innovation, creativity, and the capacity to manage continuous market changes, skilled lateral thinkers.

Lateral Thinking skill building with Lynda Curtin

Professionals who are skilled lateral thinkers have the ability to transcend traditional ideas to create meaningful new ideas. They know how to:

Companies Experience Impressive Results with Lateral Thinking Approach:

  1. At DuPont, lateral thinking tools led to an employee's suggestion that eliminated nine steps in the Kevlar manufacturing process. The savings--$30 million.

  2. A client's three-day Power-Session with Lynda Curtin developed ideas to grow the business, increasing revenue by $300 million.

de Bono Lateral Thinking News Flash: Feb. 22, 2017 Forbes featured an article "How Lateral Thinking Can Improve Your Negotiation Techniques." The author, Mike Woitach, co-founder of Confluence Coffee describes how he used the random word technique to land a coveted Firefly event sponsorship on a limited budget and beat out the big guys! Book Lynda Curtin to power-up your negotiation skills.

Clients are Very Pleased with Lynda's Lateral Thinking Training:

"The results of the training are visible. We have received a large research project due in part to the creativity tools Lynda taught us."

-Alex D'Anci, Marketing Manager, ABB Finland

"Attending Lynda's executive deep dive into Lateral Thinking encouraged me to look at my retail business with fresh eyes. Having been in retail for thirty-six years and having endured the past five difficult years, I have to admit that I was close to being 'burned out'. This thought provoking experience made me re-think my commitment and jump-started me on some major changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the other participants; they were all bright, interested, supportive, and full of excellent recommendations. The three days flew by. Lynda is an excellent facilitator. She encouraged us in our lively discussions, and we all left with a new way of thinking!"

-Lee Tatum, President, Women's Shoes & Accessories Retail Stores

Book Lynda Curtin to Lead Customized Lateral Thinking Power Sessions

Lynda will work with you to design lateral thinking power sessions focused on your business-critical challenges that need a good dose of creative thinking to resolve. Work on challenges that are confidential and skill-up your groups more quickly.

Lateral thinking tools are helpful for professionals who devise new strategies, work in R&D, product development, engineering, operations, sales, and marketing. Professionals wanting a disciplined process for ideation, brainstorming, concept development, creative problem solving, or a method to challenge the status quo will also benefit.

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Dr. Edward de Bono wrote the book Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step in 1970. Business professionals around the world wanted to learn how to use the method in work environments; they wanted to move from intellectual understanding to skill building. They knew this unconventional way of thinking would help them escape status quo thinking and open up new pathways to great solutions and powerful ideas.
During 1992, to meet this demand, Advanced Practical Thinking Training, Inc. (APTT) was launched to develop training materials, certify trainers, and develop distributor relationships. APTT was rebranded as de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. to reflect better all of Dr. de Bono's thinking methods. Lynda Curtin was certified by Dr. de Bono in 1994 during the launch of Lateral Thinking: The Power of Provocation. Her clients have put the lateral thinking tools to work with great success. One example: imagine doubling your business from $300m to $600m in one year.

What are you waiting for. Book Lynda Curtin now to skill up your team to think through fresh new solutions for your future.