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Six Thinking Hats: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication

Six Thinking Hats


Executives are under tremendous pressure to maintain market relevance in today's fast-paced always changing environment. Highly skilled professionals who work well together are in high demand. They understand the creative process and are skilled creative thinkers. They are key to developing value-added strategies, new effective solutions, and solving business-critical problems. They must do this without wasting endless amounts of time arguing and debating the same points over and over again.

6 Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats® is a time-tested tool that boosts creative and collaborative performance. It provides a framework to focus and broaden thinking by separating out six different ingredients in thinking. This approach leads to thorough thinking and solid solutions as each person's unique point of view is considered at each thinking step during the process--focused parallel thinking.

Red Hat: Gut instinct, hunches, feelings
Green Hat: Creativity, ideas, alternatives, provocations
Black Hat: Problems, difficulties, weaknesses
White Hat: Information, data, facts
Blue Hat: Process, developing thinking agendas, planning for action
Yellow Hat: Benefits, plus points

Some Results of Implementing de Bono's Six Thinking Hats tool:

  1. An IBM Fellow and chief scientist used Six Thinking Hats as a method to corral an unwieldy team of more than 200 of the brightest scientists. They were at eight different IBM labs, two government laboratories, and five university campuses. The project: Develop a chip that would mimic the human brain. The team successfully demonstrated a brain-inspired chip architecture. (Fortune, April 28, 2014)

  2. A Statoil drilling manager presents his problem as a case study. The group solves his problem using the Six Thinking Hats method. The drilling goes on, and millions are saved. With hindsight, a genial solution--not planned and not foreseeable in advance.

What Lynda Curtin's Clients Say About Six Thinking Hats:

"Six Hats is a simple, yet powerful tool that can be learned rapidly and used immediately to achieve long-lasting results. Six Hats has helped our product development group to generate ideas quickly, evaluate them efficiently, and implement action plans effectively."

Laura Donahue, Nestle

"We know health care is changing. We don't have to sell the need for creativity. For us it's the implementation piece; the next step. We see the Six Thinking Hats as a method to go beyond generating ideas ...a way to help teams effectively and efficiently evaluate the merits of the ideas they learned to generate during our  One Team, One Purpose  course."

 -  Jennifer Kirby, Washoe Health Systems

"The Six Thinking Hats methodology was openly embraced by the advisors and we truly got much more robust output from the meeting than conventional advisory boards."

Betsey King, Professional Relations & Education Manager, AstraZeneca

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Dr. Edward de Bono wrote the book Six Thinking Hats in 1985. It quickly became an international best seller. Business professionals around the world wanted to learn how to use the method in work environments; they wanted to move from intellectual understanding to skill building, the how-to. They knew the method would help improve business results if they could get groups thinking productively together.

During 1992, to meet this demand, Advanced Practical Thinking Training, Inc. (APTT) was launched to develop training materials, certify trainers, and develop distributor relationships. APTT was re-branded as de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. to reflect better all of Dr. de Bono's thinking methods. Lynda Curtin was certified by Dr. de Bono in 1992 during this business start up. Tap her expertise with confidence. She has the experience, insights, and tips that your groups will appreciate.

Best-selling Six Thinking Hats book by Edward de Bono