de Bono Suite

Develop Your Own In-House Team of de Bono Thinking Systems Experts

Creativity has been powering the economy for well over 100 years. These two methods, Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking, are systematic thinking tools that equip professionals to strengthen collaboration, communication, and creativity skills. The end result--better business results, consistently.

Professionals throughout the world at companies large and small use these methods everyday to develop profitable new solutions. Our customized train-the-trainer events are an effective way to embed practical creativity tools and processes (Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats) throughout your organization to drive sustainable success.

Creativity Skills: Build Your Foundation ... Strengthen Your Future

Host a customized in-house event for your team of creativity and innovation experts. 

The Process

  1. Determine which method best meets your needs. Schedule a call with Lynda Curtin to help you make the best choice based on your needs. Lynda will confirm with you that attending a train-the-trainer event is indeed the right choice for you. Train-the-trainer events are designed for professionals who intend to lead workshops--provide training to others with skill development the objective.
  2. Attend an end-user workshop to learn the method before attending certification training. This is strongly recommended. It is very difficult to attend an end-user workshop and train-the-trainer during the same event. It's a very heavy load.
  3. Submit your application and reference forms to Lynda Curtin. She will submit your application package requesting your acceptance into the program. Professional achievements, training skills, and your plan for leading workshops are requirements.
  4. Once your application is accepted you will receive a contract. It must be signed before you attend your train-the-trainer event. The contract describes your responsibility as it pertains to protecting the intellectual property of Dr. Edward de Bono.
  5. Start planning to lead your first two or three workshops. Schedule dates and confirm attendees.
  6. Attend your train-the-trainer event. Clear your schedule and be prepared to work through full days and evenings. There will be no time for work related activities.
  7. Lead your first few workshops. You will be required to take delivery of your first order of workshop materials as soon as your train-the-trainer event is completed. A requirement of certified trainers is to provide each of their workshop attendees their own personal set of training materials to keep.
  8. Every two years each certified trainer is required to be re-certified.

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Instructor train-the-trainer certification training in de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. (dBTS) methods commenced in 1992. dBTS is responsible for managing distributor relationships, maintaining the global database of authorized master trainers and certified instructors, approving applications, issuing and managing contracts, and developing and publishing all training materials to meet the needs of all qualified certified instructors worldwide.

Lynda Curtin is a certified Focus on Facilitation, Lateral Thinking, and Six Thinking Hats Master Trainer. These three methods combine to create the de Bono Suite of Productive Creativity and Innovation Thinking Tools, of which there are only ten qualified master trainers worldwide.

 Work with Lynda Curtin to lead a customized train-the-trainer talent development event at your company. Strengthen your approach to collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Call Lynda now @ 818-507-6055 to discuss your business needs and develop a workable plan of action.