Keep Your Credentials Current

Certified de Bono Thinking Systems instructors are required to re-certify every two years. The purpose is to demonstrate a high level of training capability in order to protect and maintain the integrity of the tools. Each instructor must also own the current certified instructor kit.

Certified Instructor Re-certification Options

Phone Meeting: Arrange to participate in a telephone interview with Lynda Curtin. She'll lead a discussion with you about the course content, application of the tools, and provide you with reinforcement to sustain the momentum from the initial training. You will be charged a fee for Master Trainer coaching and a dBTS maintenance fee.

Book an In-Person Group Coaching Session: This option is ideal for groups who attended certification together. Lynda will work with you to plan a coaching day or two designed to meet your specific needs. It will be very energizing. You will be charged a Master Trainer coaching fee and a dBTS maintenance fee.

Case Study: Write a case study that is approved for publication by your organization. The case study will also be subject to approval by dBTS who will have the right to edit for readability, tone, grammar, and content. You will be charged a dBTS maintenance fee.

Phone Meeting: Videotape a segment where you are presenting a live training course. Arrange for a coaching debrief with Lynda Curtin. The video must show you teaching a segment of the course, setting up an exercise and handling feedback from participants. You will be charged a fee for Master Trainer coaching and a dBTS maintenance fee.

Note: Instructors who fail to keep their certified instructor credentials current will no longer have access to dBTS workshop materials. They will no longer be authorized to lead workshops.

 Work with Master Trainer Lynda Curtin to plan your re-certification: Call 818-507-6055 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.