Lynda Curtin Travels from California
Phone: 818-507-6055
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Lynda Curtin travels from Southern California. Connect with Lynda: Phone: 818-507-6055
or Email:

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Lynda Curtin shares her LIFT Your Thinking inspirational meeting starter presentation.
Click Here  
(Receive your free copy of her PowerPoint)

 Lynda happily shares her LIFT Your Thinking presentation; clients kept asking for copies as it motivates teams to clear their minds and think with fresh approaches to challenges while working with Lynda. Her presentation is a terrific collection of insightful leadership thinking quotes, including Lynda's photography of the deserts in California and Nevada.

Up your game, play her presentation as your teams arrive at your events and meetings; set the stage for productive discussions and outcomes, you'll be glad you did. You'll enjoy working with Lynda; her approach is fresh, insightful, and practical.

Leverage Lynda's real-world experience: Over 25 years working with diverse clients solving tough leadership thinking challenges: hands-on, skill building training, facilitated power sessions and team coaching.

Tap the proven tools of de Bono Thinking Systems methods: Lynda is a senior, very capable practitioner in the global network (since 1992). Her deep experience working with the tools (Focus on Facilitation, Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats) is a meaningful value for time-pressed, demanding clients.

Work with Lynda and learn from her insights and expertise. 25 years and counting.

  1. It’s all about leadership thinking. Individuals, teams, and executives need robust leadership thinking skills to move forward to the future, solve important problems, take responsible risks, recognize opportunities and act on them, make meaningful decisions, challenge the status quo when all seems just fine, and to think the unthinkable.
  2. Practical thinking tools that broaden each person’s thinking, perception, world of the possible, are essential. Lynda chose to work with de Bono Thinking Systems methods after researching the market for practical, flexible, easy, and comprehensive tools that work across cultures and around the world.
  3. If you choose to rely on top-of-the-head thinking (what comes to mind), you will regurgitate the same old ideas and solutions over and over again.

Read Lynda's leadership thinking articles here. Here is the most read article: Dogwood in the Moonlight--Three Tips to Strengthen Your Idea Work.

 Book Lynda Curtin now to speak at your next team event, schedule skill building training, or plan for coaching.

Lynda Curtin
The Opportunity Thinker
Phone: 818-507-6055
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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