Creativity is Serious Business

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Communication|Collaboration|Creativity de Bono Style


Master Facilitator/Trainer, Lynda Curtin works with proactive clients to help them build stronger futures. Tap her wealth of experience and insights. Celebrating her 26th year in 2019, Lynda is one of the most experienced de Bono Thinking Systems practitioners' in the global network. 

 The Methods: Six Thinking Hats|Lateral Thinking|Focus on Facilitation

 Work with Lynda: Team Meetings|Speaking|Training|Facilitated Power Sessions|Executive Retreats

The Format: Fast Pace|High Content|Interactive|Business Relevant|Intense|Fun|Creative

The Methods Make the News

de Bono Lateral Thinking News Flash: Feb. 22, 2017 Forbes featured an article "How Lateral Thinking Can Improve Your Negotiation Techniques." The author, Mike Woitach, co-founder of Confluence Coffee describes how he used the random word technique to land a coveted Firefly event sponsorship on a limited budget and beat out the big guys! Book Lynda Curtin to power-up your negotiation skills. 

de Bono Six Thinking Hats News Flash: Fortune, April 28, 2014 featured an article describing how an IBM Fellow and chief scientist used Six Thinking Hats as a method to corral an unwieldy team of more than 200 of the brightest scientists. They were at eight different IBM labs, two government laboratories, and five university campuses. The project: Develop a chip that would mimic the human brain. Mission accomplished when the team demonstrated a brain-inspired chip architecture. Book Lynda Curtin to power-up your creativity skills. 

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Good thinking to you.

Lynda Curtin
The Opportunity Thinker
Phone: 818-507-6055
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